5 Reasons To Plant Hops At Home

5 Reasons To Plant Hops At Home

Think only craft beer enthusiasts have a reason to plant hops at home? Think again! Much more than an essential component of beer, hops (Humulus lupulus) is a pretty perennial plant with many uses. Hops are actually a bine, and not a vine, as they don’t…

Designing a Fruit Tree Guild 

Designing a Fruit Tree Guild
Create a thriving and productive mini ecosystem that supports your fruit tree by designing a fruit tree guild – a permaculture technique in which a group of plants are chosen to complement and support a central plant. 

Pip Profile: Anita Vandyke

A zero waste life Anita Vandyke

Anita Vandyke – zero waste advocate and author of ‘A Zero Waste Life’ – shares with us her journey to zero waste living and offers some quick, easy waste free tips. Qualified rocket scientist, medical doctor (Bachelor of Engineering –…

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