DIY Acorn Flour Recipe

Ever wondered about the heaps of acorns you notice in the park each autumn? How there seem so to be so many, and why nobody seems to bother collecting them, and whether or not you can eat them? Well, I have good news and less good news for you! The good news is you can make like a… View more

Easy Tomato Passata Recipe

Easy Tomato Passata Recipe
Looking to preserve fresh tomatoes? Here's our easy tomato passata recipe – using either a passata machine or a simple, low-tech, DIY version for those without a passata press. It’s tomato season! Backyard tomato gluts are ubiquitous with this time of year. The logical progression of glut is preserve – where we capture and store the energy... View more

Low Tech DIY Seed Sprouter

DIY seed sprouter
Don't spend a fortune on new-fangled sprouting gadgets... create your own DIY seed sprouter instead! When the summer heat burns our lettuces, we like to keep things fresh in the salad department with home grown sprouts! There are plenty of new-fangled sprout gadgets on the market for the aspiring seed sprouter but the humble DIY... View more

Herbal First Aid Kit

Herbal First Aid Kit by Stephanie Zetah from Wise Women Australia Have you ever sipped chamomile tea for a better night’s sleep or eaten lots of citrus in the winter for more Vitamin C? Using food and herbs to maintain health was once a common practice within our culture. One need not be a naturopath… View more

Kimchi: How to

How to make kimchi

We love fresh, zingy kimchi here at Pip HQ, and this recipe hits the spot! (Also it’s very handy when you’re overrun with Wombok!) This is our favourite recipe from Emily Stokes at Fermaculture Farm. Kimchi Recipe Ingredients: 1 head of wombok cabbage or medium cabbage 1 daikon radish or a few red radishes 1… View more

March Garden Guide

Our Garden Guides are now all in the one place! Click the link below to jump to the guide for your climate area for March. Tropical Garden Guide Cool Temperate Garden Guide Mediterranean Garden Guide   March in the tropical garden by Kathleen Hosking of Solution Focussed WHAT TO PLANT? • The wet season hasn’t… View more

Five Ways With Figs!

We asked, and you told us! We’ve had an incredible response to our call out for our readers favourite ways to use up a glut of fragrant figs! Here are our five faves (plus some honourable mentions…) 1. Fig jam An indisputable classic – this was far and away the most common response to our… View more