An Update From Pip HQ + Permaculture Music for Kids

An Update from Robyn

The finishing touches are being applied to issue four as we speak. The Pip team have been busily working away on it, making it extra special. This issue we have a focus on bees, we also are introducing a comprehensive guide to permaculture and related courses across Australia and we are making it bigger to fit it all in.

Yesterday, I was sitting at my desk, glued to my computer screen, madly searching the web and my archives for a photo of bees that I needed, when I just stopped and realised I probably needed to go no further than my own back yard. So I stepped out into the sunshine and into my vegie patch and there was the photo I was looking for, bees happily buzzing around the bok choy that I have left to go to seed. Sometimes we get so stuck on our computers and screens that we miss the beauty that is all around us.

With the magazine in its final stages the garden has been a bit neglected and at this time of year everything is growing so slowly. We’re still getting kale and broccoli and herbs and the aquaponics is providing us with lettuce, coriander and mint, but I’m looking forward to getting ready for spring.

Your copy of Pip #4 will be landing in your letterbox in mid to late August. If your subscription has lapsed, make sure you go to our online shop, so you are among the first to receive it. Otherwise, visit your nearest retailer or newsagent, or if they haven’t get it in, ask them to!

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Permie, Uke-Strumming Tunes for Kids

Whodathunk you could write an album about the permaculture principles that sounds great and makes pleasant day-to-day listening? Heck, I have even had it on at dinner parties! I think this makes Charlie McGee and Formidable Vegetable Sound System some sort of musical geniuses? Well, he is at it again after his awesome Permaculture: A Rhymer’s Manual (available from the Pip shop) and Radish Beets with a uke-driven compilation of permaculture songs targeted at kids!

You can pre-order by supporting his crowdfunding campaign.

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