Pip Podcast #28: Damon Gameau

It’s Pip podcast time! Today Robyn is in conversation with Damon Gameau – actor, filmmaker and director of the film 2040.

The film is a hopeful vision for the future. A future in which humanity comes together to solve the crisis of climate change.

Damon Gameau is an eloquent and inspiring advocate in a world that so desperately needs change.

Aimed at families, Damon’s film offers up a range of solutions that people can support and implement at the local level. It also shows exciting projects working at higher levels in the science and technology fields. In the podcast, we explore the story behind the film and Damon’s inspiration to pursue this story.

Damon describes the film as a “letter to [his] daughter” drawing a picture of what the future could look like. He spent many years researching, and describes climate change as just one symptom of a system that is broken.

So, in the podcast we unpack the idea that all the things we need to do to combat climate change are things we should just do any way. Things like educating girls, so that they have better life outcomes. This results in better control over their fertility, which statistically reduces population growth. And things like protecting soil fertility and growing better food, because, well, it’s just better for us!

Damon also describes his connection to nature and the importance of daily time with the environment. He describes our broken system as one which we shut nature out to our detriment. We are one with nature, and if it suffers, ultimately we will too.

For more information about the 2040 film and Damon’s work visit www.whatsyour2040.com.

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