Day with David Holmgren

I recently spent the day with David Holmgren, talking about the big picture of permaculture; it’s history, the full breadth of its meaning, what its role is in today’s society and I came away with so much more than I imagined I would.

I have never been one to get too caught up in the politics of the environmental movement and opposing that which I don’t want to see happen (apart from a night in the lock up for demonstrating in my early twenties). I always felt my energy was better spent positively in the world around me, either in my own household or in my community or doing what I can to inspire people to live more sustainably through my editorial work.

Talking to David, I have realised that this may have more of an impact than I imagined.  According to him, living more self reliantly within your own household and community is actually one of the most powerful actions you can take. So much so, it has the ability to change global actions and thinking. More about this in the first issue.

Permaculture has always been focused on how we change the world using positive steps rather than focusing on stopping the world we don’t want, which is exactly what Pip magazine is all about. Talking with David has made me realise how powerful this magazine could be.  The whole aim of the magazine is to inform, educate and inspire people to live more sustainably using permaculture principles and practices.  Through the magazine we can share our knowledge and experiences with one another and inspire and encourage one another.

To help fund the printing of the first edition we are running a Pozible crowdfunding campaign.  Make a pledge and choose your reward.  Choose from one of the many great rewards on offer; magazines, calendars, bags, books, CDs, vouchers for courses, even sexy french knicker boxer shorts made from 100% recycled material.

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