Pip Podcast #32: Food Connect

The latest Pip Podcast has landed! And this time round we’re joined by Emma-Kate Rose and Robert Pekin from Brisbane’s legendary Food Connect.

Who are Food Connect?

Food Connect are a pioneering fair food business that has been going since 2004. They have been hugely influential in the local food scene in Australia. And they have also been the inspiration behind many Community Supported Agriculture systems in Australia. The organisation has been connecting urbanites with farmers for well over a decade. Robert, a former-farmer, kickstarted the project. He was dissatisfied by his experience as a fourth-generation farmer. Robert met his partner Emma-Kate Rose in 2007 and she soon joined in the enterprise. Over the years the business has grown with their relationship.

In this podcast we explore Robert and Emma-Kate’s story. From a failed attempt at farming to a thriving, community-powered business delivering social change.

Robert also explains the nuts-and-bolts of how the system works. And shares the reasons he thinks it’s important to connect people to their food.

Looking for inspiration for your fair food journey? Then this podcast is a great place to start!

Want more Pip Podcasts?

You can stay tuned via Soundcloud or explore our podcast archive here. Our podcasts come out (roughly) monthly. And they cover all things permaculture, sustainability, zero-waste living and growing your own.

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