5 Tips To Overcome The Overwhelm

Many of us are feeling the overwhelm lately… Here are 5 steps to keep it at bay.

Now more than ever before, there is this pervasive stress and overwhelm that is bringing countless people to the brink of their ability to cope. It’s something that is constantly coming up in people’s personal lives and work lives (especially for business owners). 

When your relationships are strained because you have to work long hours and you can’t spend enough time with your partner and family; when you feel like the expectations on you are more than you’re able to deliver; when you have a list of very important things to do that’s so long it’s physically impossible to get them all done; or when you feel so far out of your league that you just want to shut down and can’t focus on even the most basic step forward – this is what overwhelm feels like. 

A common symptom of overwhelm is feeling like it’s all too much, you can’t see a way out, and it can feel like you’re trapped in a prison with no escape. But it’s actually not past your ability to overcome. Please take heart. There is a way out, you can get through this. Here are some ways to get started…

Talk it out

The act of just talking about it out loud in itself is very helpful. There is a certain part of your brain that gets activated when you talk out loud, so it doesn’t work when you have all those thoughts racing around in your head. 

By hearing your own voice talk about the things overwhelming you, sometimes you can figure out your own way forward, without the listener even doing anything at all. It’s actually quite common! 

If you’re able to talk to someone – anyone – who you can trust, who can provide a safe space, that’s a great first step in overcoming your personal overwhelm. This might be a friend, family member or a business coach.

Break it down

You can create a mind map, a list, a chart, a vision board, or any other similar process to visually represent all the things that are overwhelming you. Then go through each one at a time, explore it, talk about it, and categorise all the different elements into the things that are most important, and the things that are most immediate. Then prioritise which are the most important to focus on now.

Focus on one thing 

Focus on THE ONE thing that will help you or that you need the most right now. Now that you have everything out of your head and onto paper where you can see it, your head will be able to let go of all the other things (knowing that they haven’t been forgotten, you will get to them), but for now, you just need to focus on this one thing, then we move onto the next.

Appreciate and find positivity

We all operate to self-fulfilling prophecies. If you look for the good things in your life, the things that bring you joy, the things that you appreciate, you WILL find them. 

Alternatively, if you look for problems, you will find them too. Keeping an attitude of positivity and appreciation, gratitude for all that you do have, will beat off the negativity demons when they try to attack – and they will try again and again!

Look to the future

A very common symptom of overwhelm is not being able to project a vision of the future. Goal setting is just about impossible when you can’t see past tomorrow. 

So, as soon as you’re able to, set a goal for whatever period of time you can actually see yourself accomplishing. If it’s finishing a project by next week, that’s great, and if all you can manage is to set a goal to have your lunch before 3pm today, then go with that. 

When you set these little mini goals, do your absolute best to visualise them, to really see yourself in your mind’s eye having accomplished it. Project as far into the future as you can manage, and once you achieve one, set your next. 

This process repeated over and over will convince your mind that you are making progress, kicking goals, and that you are having success. Once that gets firmly established into your head, you will be so much more capable of overcoming the overwhelm.

This article was created as a paid partnership between Pip Magazine and Bronwyn Chompff-Gliddon.

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