Pip’s Podcast Guide: 15 Sustainability Podcasts We Love

We share some of our favourite podcasts from others in the sustainable living/zero waste/climate action space. Here are 15 sustainability podcasts we love to listen to.

Hands up if you hear the phrase, “I was listening to this really interesting podcast…” on the regular? That’s because in recent years podcasts have become huge!

From big media brands with in-depth interviews and polished documentary-style pieces to one-man/woman shows run out of a wardrobe (small, enclosed spaces are great for sound quality), anyone can start their own podcast if they’ve got an interesting topic to explore.

Podcasts take their name from Apple’s iPod (remember those?) and the traditional broadcast. The format is only around 15 years old, but in that time it’s gone from a niche activity to one that creators and listeners alike have come to embrace.

Pip's Podcast Guide- 15 Sustainability Podcasts We Love 1
Most anyone can become a podcaster with a microphone and am insightful topic.

The beauty of the pod

One advantage that podcasts have over radio shows is mobility. With a podcast in your ears a long commute, huge pile of laundry or frustrating wait in line at the post office becomes an opportunity to learn. There’s an intimacy about podcasts as well – they tend to run much longer than the average radio segment, giving creators time to dig deep into an idea.

Another reason podcasts have become so popular is the wide range of topics they cover. Because anyone with a microphone and Internet connection can create one, almost any area you can think of has at least one podcast episode (or entire program) devoted to it.

Best of all, the vast majority of podcasts are completely free to download. If they are supported by ads, there’s always the option to hit the fast forward button.

Pip’s favourite sustainability podcasts

We’re big fans of podcasts at Pip HQ – so much so we have our own! – so we thought we would share with you our favourite podcasts from other sustainable living, eco-conscious folks that we regularly listen to.

The Slow Home Podcast

Slow living advocate and author Brooke McAlary’s must-listen show for anyone interested in a sustainable life.. Listen here.

All The Dirt

Weekly discussions, interviews and tasty garden to kitchen recipes from Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe, who between them have decades of gardening, sustainability and environmental issues knowledge and experience. Listen here.

Futuresteading podcast hosts Jade Mills and Catie Payne
Sustainability experts and Futuresteading podcast hosts Jade Miles and Catie Payne.


Hosts Jade Miles and Catie Payne chat to prominent and humble people within the food, farming, health and environment spheres, gathering practical advice in striving for a slower, simpler, steadier existence – one that’s healthier for humans and the planet. Listen here.

Zero Waste Countdown 

An advocate for sustainability, host Laura Nash features scientists, business wonders, activists, entrepreneurs, sustainability thinkers and other experts from around the world who have found ways to live more sustainably. Listen here.

The Permaculture Podcast

This long-running podcast shares a US perspective on permaculture issues and has over 1,500 episodes to discover (check the website for a handy list of categories). Listen here.

A pair of headphones on the beach
Podcasts about zero waste, food waste, plastic waste, environmental sustainability and the climate crisis abound.

Low Tox Life

Author and podcast host Alexx Stuart interviews experts on her weekly podcast from diverse fields about health, fashion, farming, lowering our toxic load and mind happiness, with a focus on low tox living for the betterment of your own health and the health of the planet. Listen here.

Epic Gardening

Daily gardening tips and advice from US-based urban gardener, hydroponics enthusiast and all-round plant-lover Kevin Espititu. Listen here.

The Climate Question

Stories and climate conversations on why we find it so hard to save our own planet, and how we might change that. Listen here.

Big Things. Little Things

Inspiring stories from community leaders about the big things they’re doing, the little things that make them who they are, and visioning pathways towards a better future. Listen here.

listening to sustainability podcasts on your iPhone

Wild with Sarah Wilson

Author, social entrepreneur and climate issues activist Sarah Wilson explores the big philosophical, spiritual and social themes of our times with big minds she encounters around the world… one wild idea at a time. Listen here.

Pip Podcast

We can’t help mentioning our own contribution to the world of podcasting.

Now in its fifth year, some of our notable guests on the pod include 2040 director Damon Gameau, Good Life Permaculture’s Hannah Moloney, One Million Women founder Natalie Isaacs, permaculture co-originator David HolmgrenClimate Council chief, scientist and writer Tim Flannery, TV presenter and chef Paul West, and zero waste crusaders Erin Rhoads, and Lauren and Oberon Carter. Listen here.

HANNAH MOLONEY good life permaculture
One of the many climate movement crusading guests on the Pip Podcast, Good Life Permaculture director, Hannah Maloney.

Want more podcasts? 

These podcasters may no longer be releasing new episodes, nevertheless, they’re still packed full of informative and insightful info about how to apply sustainable living practices to everyday life..  

Sustainable World Radio

A US-based podcast offering a huge back catalogue of episodes on everything from worm farming to eco villages. Listen here.

The Hungry Gardener

Community gardener Fabian Capomolla (aka the Hungry Gardener, who we’ve had on our own podcast) shares his passion for growing food and interviews the experts. Listen here.

Permaculture Velocity

A great library of episodes for those who only have 10-15 minutes to spare but still want a dose of practical knowledge. Listen here.

Permaculture for the Future

This podcast is all about sharing positive and impactful stories, tips and ways that each one of us can transition to a regenerative lifestyle. Listen here.

Listening to podcasts while walking
Podcasts hosts make for great walking companions!

A total novice when it comes to podcasts?

If you need some help navigating the podcast landscape, here are the basics.

Pick a listening app

There are various listening apps you can opt for, including: 

Apple Podcasts

Download the Apple Podcasts app (free for iPhone users) and head to the ‘Search’ icon. From there, search by keyword or browse by topic to find a show you’re interested in.

Many media outlets, such as ABC News, The Guardian and SBS Radio, have their own channels, so it’s worth getting acquainted with each channel’s shows. 

You can download or stream each episode – either way, the app will remember your place if you need to stop and come back later. We also recommend checking the ‘You Might Also Like’ section at the bottom of each podcast page for great recommendations.


Head to Soundcloud and start with a keyword search. Soundcloud requires you to set up an account to access their content.

Google Podcasts

A free in-built podcast app for Android users, it does nearly everything the Apple Podcast app does. 


Originally a music service, Spotify added podcasts to its catalogue in 2015. It’s worth noting, Spotify only features podcasts with which it has a partnership on its platform. And unless you’re a premium subscriber, you’ll have to contend with advertisements.

Other listening apps of note: 

Happy listening!

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