RetroSuburbia Rich List Quiz

We love this RetroSuburbia Rich List Quiz from CERES! Take the test and see how rich you really are…

The quiz was inspired by David Holmgren’s latest book RetroSuburbia and his exploration of what it really means to be wealthy in this day and age.

Recent studies of “well-being” show us that earning anything beyond $70,000 a year doesn’t make much difference to our general happiness. In Retrosuburbia David Holmgren takes this idea further describing a way of living that asks us to reconsider what true wealth is.

With this paradigm shift in mind CERES have made their own fun Cosmo-style quiz to help you re-evaluate your wealth statuses.

For every question you answer “yes”, score a point. Tally them up at the end and see which level of “rich” you are!

  1. Have at least one person to share life’s important moments with and who accepts you completely – including the unattractive and less evolved parts?Photo: Green ConnectPhoto: Green Connect
  2. Enjoy good physical or mental health and access to free healthcare when you need it?
  3. Have time to spend with loved ones, family, friends making passata or beekeeping?
  4. Live near a natural place you can walk, ride, swim or gather edible weeds in?
  5. Have neighbours who also think knocking down shared fences, planting nature strip orchards and pot-luck dinners are awesome ideas?Photo: Artist as FamilyPhoto: Artist as Family
  6. Perform a meaningful vocation 3 days per week (4 days max) alongside like-minded people?Photo: Spoon JamPhoto: Spoon Jam
  7. Know of somewhere you could grow a few veggies or keep quail, chooks, or maybe keep a goat?backyard goatsPhoto: Emma Belyea
  8. Regularly smile, say hello or stop to chat with three or more people while walking to the local shops, fix-it café, school or food swap?Photo: RetrosuburbiaPhoto: Retrosuburbia
  9. Have access to a tiny house you could get away to for a quiet weekend?Photo: Keren DobiaPhoto: Keren Dobia
  10. Often find yourself with an abundance of eggs, fruit, compost or credit on your power bill?Photo: Amy PiessePhoto: Amy Piesse
  11. Can walk, ride, PT or car-share to most places you need to go?
  12. Are able at short notice to borrow a cargo bike, sewing machine, hammer drill or get hold of a kombucha scoby?Photo: Hiromi YuasaPhoto: Hiromi Yuasa
  13. Have been given three or more home grown,  preserved, knitted or handcrafted items in the past 12 months?
  14. Know somebody/somewhere you could go to if you wanted to learn how to build a composting toilet, develop a food coop app or finance a co-housing development?
  15. Belong to a group you regularly swap seeds, attend working bees, rescue food waste or sing ukulele songs with?
  16. Know that if your house was swallowed by a giant sink-hole you’d have a place to stay, friends to help clean up and someone with a ute to go find new things on next council throw-out day?Photo: Jess AhlemeierPhoto: Jess Ahlemeier
  17. Feel that as you age you will be able look after yourself, be near like-minded people and generally be well-cared for?

Interpreting your score

  • 1- 7      Check out David’s book. This is an exciting time to be an Australian suburban dweller, there are opportunities to divest and engage galore.
  • 7-10     Comfortably well off.  Consider yourself “doing alright” with plenty of upside to come in your journey.
  • 11-13   Wealthy. Wow you’ve made the transition and some kind of thanksgiving street party is in order.
  • 14-16   Ultra-rich. Like you’re living the retrosuburban equivalent of owning a super yacht in Monaco only with a chicken tractor in Thornbury.
  • 17         Blessed beyond measure. No doubt you are spending a lot of time sharing the surplus of your extraordinarily bountiful life with your Sustainable Street-mates.

The wonderful David Holmgren will be in conversation at CERES Sunday 10.30am, 21st October

You can also get hold of RetroSuburbia from the Pip Shop, or listen to David’s Retrosuburbia Pip Podcast here.

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