What is Permaculture?

What is permaculture? David Holmgren gives us the back story in the first issue of Pip Magazine.

I read a definition of permaculture the other day that made me laugh: “Permaculture isn’t about some mad hippy lifestyle with no electricity; it’s about living as comfortably as you can, but not trashing the planet while you’re doing it“. And it’s true. Yes, some permaculturalists might be referred to as ‘hippies’ – everybody loves a good set of dreads and a rasta’ accessory, right? – but if the turn out at this years Harvest Festival at CERES in Melbourne is anything to go by, permaculture and associated movements (simple living and voluntary simplicity, environmental, sustainability, off-grid) are a convergence of all sorts. Most people that read Pip Magazine live in cities, work in offices, have kids, and drive cars. Permaculture is accessible to everybody. But what is permaculture exactly?


Well, I am going to leave it to Ian Lillington, David Holmgren, Robyn Francis, and our very own Robyn Rosenfeldt to explain, by sharing with you “The Permaculture Story: From ‘Rugged Individuals’ to a Million Member Movement” (PDF), an article that was published in the now sold out Issue #1 of Pip Magazine. Enjoy. And please share with your friends and associates – help introduce permaculture to the masses.

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