Looking to learn more about permaculture? Maybe you would like to expand your knowledge on natural building, beekeeping, fermenting, and organic gardening too? Browse the permaculture and related courses available in Australia.

'Crystal Waters Permaculture Village' Tours

Be guided in a visit to the world's first Permaculture Village and glean from Robin's experience of living there over…

'Dynamic Decision Making and Community Governance' Course

Learn more about and use creative tools and processes vital for good governance, healthy discussions and collective decision making

'Dynamic Groups Dynamic Learning' Teacher Training Course

An innovative training in applying the methodology that enables, enlivens and transforms group dynamics and creates effective learning environments

'Social Permaculture' Course

Be involved in caring more for yourself, your people and your groups using Permaculture principles and practises to accelerate group…


Organic Farming

ACS Distance Education

Permaculture, Self Sufficiency, Mud Brick Home, Home Grown Vegetables & Fruit, Gardening and more. ACS Distance Education has so many…


If you are interested in Permaculture and experiencing Australian Nature, here is your opportunity to immerse yourself into an international…

Learning from Nature

Learning from Nature Discover an easier and cheaper way to grow food, by bringing Nature’s free ecological services back into…


Urban farming

MORAG GAMBLE Crystal Waters Ecovillage and beyond.

MORAG GAMBLE Crystal Waters Ecovillage and beyond. Community Permaculture Workshops, Citizen Design Workshops, Permaculture Camps and tours for schools, Permaculture…

My Food Garden

Biodynamic Gardening - Introductory course to biodynamic gardening principles. This 2 day course is filled with theory and practice, as…

Noosa Forest Retreat Residential Permaculture Course

12 day residential PDC course at Noosa Forest Retreat, a 160 acres permaculture community property in a United Nations Biosphere…


Introduction to Permaculture, PDC, Sustainable Living Workshops, Beekeeping, Permaculture Practicals, School & Group Tours, Urban Farming


Permaculture earthworks. Hand tool courses


Laidley, Qld. Permaculture Design Course (PDC), Intro to Permaculture, Beekeeping, Backyard Aquaponics and Bioponics, Food Forest, Intro to Forest Gardening,…

Stanthorpe Permaculture Group

Gatherings, workshops & courses involving beekeeping, growing food, fermentation, PDC, Intro to Pc, and so on... Events listed at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/stanthorpepermaculturegroup


Sugarbag Beekeeping, Stingless Bees

Sugarloaf Permaculture

Developing permaculture homestead in Stanthorpe, SE Qld. Offering consult and design services locally. Also inviting internships - apply now. See http://sugarloafpermaculture.net