Mushroom Growing Workshop

Join Fungi Feastival’s mushroom growers of the NSW far south coast at Pip Magazine HQ in Pambula to learn how to grow exotic mushrooms at home.

Mushroom Growing Workshop at Pip HQ, Pambula.

Date: Sunday 23rd June 2024

Time: 1.00pm to 4.00pm

Fungi Feastival Presenters: Annette Kennewell of Tilba Mushrooms, Josh Whitworth of Collective Cultures, Matt Branagan of South Coast Shrooms 

Description: Join Fungi Feastival’s mushroom growers of the NSW south coast at Pip HQ in Pambula to learn how to grow exotic mushrooms at home. This will be a hands-on demonstration of Oyster, Lion’s Mane and Wine Cap mushrooms grown from grain spawn. Learn about the mushroom life cycle and structure including spores, hyphae, mycelium and fruiting body. Explore a variety of growth substrates including sugar cane mulch, MushGrow wood pellets and hardwood chips plus different pasteurisation techniques including hot water, hydrated lime and fermentation.  Learn techniques for growing indoors in buckets or outdoors in your garden. 

Josh mushroom growing workshop

Josh Whitworth
Collective Cultures

Josh has been growing mushrooms for around five years and running his business Collective Cultures near Narooma on NSW South Coast for two years. The main focus for Josh is to help people grow their own food and reduce waste. Josh: “I think its really important to get your hands dirty and also to understand where our food comes from! Its incredible watching fungi grow when you can create the right conditions for them to thrive”. 

Annette Mushroom Growing Course

Annette Kennewell
Tilba Mushrooms

Annette grew up in a rainforest in the northern rivers filled with fungi diversity. A fascination with natural science lead to formal university qualifications in Microbiology. Following a working life in science research and education, Annette retired to a small farm on the NSW south coast to grow oyster mushrooms. Annette has been cultivating mushrooms for almost ten years. She loves the colourful varieties of oyster mushrooms from white to tan and especially the blue and pink. Annette: “It always amazes me how oyster mushrooms double in size overnight when fruiting”.

Matt Branagan
South Coast Shrooms

Matt lives on the NSW far south coast and started experimenting with growing Lion’s Mane mushrooms several years ago and now has created a small business selling fresh Lion’s Mane mushrooms.

The Fungi Feastival

The Fungi Feastival is a celebration of the science, food and art of Fungi. Its an annual month-long Feastival held from Batemans Bay to Eden on NSW South Coast from mid June to mid July.

This year keynotes Stephen Axford and Catherine Marciniak will be screening their new fungi documentary “Follow the Rain”. And ecologist Dr Sapphire McMullan-Fisher will speak on native fungi in the Australian landscape.

Other Fungi Feastival events include fungi forays and walks, mushroom growing workshops, truffle hunts, fungi cooking lessons, fungi dinners and lunches, fungi on the menu, fungi photography competition and workshops, mushroom themed pottery and fungi painting, and children’s fungi activities. To find out more visit

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