12 Ways To Use Kaffir Limes

Our Pipsters are a resourceful bunch. So we decided to put a call out to our Instagram community asking for tips on how to use kaffir limes.

The responses were so great we wanted to share them all here. Here are 12 ways to use kaffir limes and the users who recommended them. Thanks Pipsters!

1. Make a fancy drink

@deb.bowen suggests: “As with all citrus, infuse in vodka!”.

2. The perfect Massaman

@foodculture1 assures us that their “…massaman curry paste isn’t the same without kaffir lime zest”.

3. Sweet smelling hair

@saintnicko loves it for hair. They say, “I have washed my hair with kaffir limes. Smells great!” and here’s how: “I simply just halved and squeezed/rubbed halves into my hair. Massaged into hair and scalp, then rinsed. I had heard it was a good scalp treatment.”

4. Kaffir lime kombucha

@jadejohnson84 suggested slicing the fruit and adding it to kombucha with ginger and kiwi. Yum!

5. Fresh and clean

@vanravyn reckons the zest is amazing in vinegar for cleaning. We are trying this!

6. Preppers’ dream

@renee.ssance reminded us to freeze the leaves to use in curries all year.

7. Almond indulgence

@2bellestreet makes an almond apple teacake with kaffir and cardamon syrup! OMG we are coming to your house.

8. Lady marmalalde

@cup_full_of_crazy makes kaffir lime marmalade. Get your piping hot sourdough toast ready!

9. Zesty yes!

@cup_full_of_crazy is also crazy about the zest in pretty much everything: cooking, baking, roasting or even preserving.

10. Zesty chook

@bear_loves_dove puts a whole lime inside the chook before roasting. This sounds so amazing!

10. Pickle perfect

@domesticgoddess reckons kaffir lime pickle is the go.

11. Bathing in kaffirs for mums and bubs

@soyoulikecoffee is a bathtime goddess and puts sliced kaffir limes in the bath. She also recommends this in particular for new mothers and babies.

12. Cleaning with kaffirs

@anahitahollings cuts hers up and leaves them soaking in vinegar for a few weeks. Then strains it and puts in in a spray bottle as a cleaner. This must smell amazing.

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