Coloured Chicken Eggs: Breeds That Lay Outside The Spectrum

From the snow white eggs from a Leghorn to the deep browns of the Marans, find out which chicken breed produces which coloured eggs.

Well, you can’t quite make a rainbow, but with careful selection of breeds you can have some pretty beautiful baskets full of coloured chicken eggs from your own flock.

Here are our favourite breeds that combine fabulous coloured chicken eggs with breed personalities just as colourful!

Coloured Chicken Eggs
You’ll find Araucana lay blue chicken eggs..

Blue and green: Araucana

Some say they are flighty, but we find our hand-reared Araucanas to be inquisitive and funny, not to mention rather friendly (though they can fly, we find ours are not too adventurous). They lay a beautiful blue colour egg. The colour you get depends on the bird.

Pink: Faverolles

These plump, friendly chooks lay a beautiful salmon coloured eggs that really “pop” in the egg carton next to Araucana blues and Marans dark browns.

Coloured Chicken Eggs
Your brown eggs will come from breeds like Marans and Barnevelder.

Dark brown: Marans

Placid and lovely Marans are available in Australia but they don’t lay quite as deep a chocolate brown eggs of their European forebears. However, they’re just about the darkest brown egg you’ll get in this country.

Light brown: Barnevelder

Friendly and funny, Barnevelders are a family favourite as a pet and chook companion. They lay deep brown eggs, often with speckle brown pigments, making them a lovely addition to the egg basket too.

white eggs
The pure white eggs from Leghorns will complete your egg spectrum.

Speckled light brown: Welsummer

Welsummers are a fairly easygoing breed who lay well and produce a beautiful speckle on their lighter shade eggs (much like their pretty, yet understated, plumage).

Pure white: Leghorn

Few non-commercial chooks rivals the Leghorn for laying prowess, and this alone is plenty enough reason to have one or two in your flock. Plus a few pure snow white eggs will complete your egg spectrum!

A colourful flock of chickens… the ultimate permaculture animal.

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