5 Easy Cheese Recipes

If you like cheese, then here’s some good news: making it from scratch is really fun and easy!

Here are our top five easy cheese recipes…

1. Easy Feta Cheese

 5 Easy Cheese Recipes

This simple and easy cheese recipe from Pip‘s own Emily Stokes of Fermaculture Farm is a great simple start in cheesemaking, that will appeal to everyone in the family. Who doesn’t love feta?

2. Skyr (Cream Cheese)

Skyr is a simple fresh cheese can be made by draining clabber in cloth. Skyr was made traditionally in Iceland and many other northern European countries (also known as Quark in Germany, and Tvarog in Russia).

3. Homemade Halloumi

This halloumi recipe is perfect for those who love this delicious, decadent cheese that squeaks when you eat it. 

4. Gbejniet

easy cheese recipes Maltese cheese

We recently learned how to make this simple and versatile Maltese cheese that can be eaten fresh, pickled and peppered and even sun-dried!

5. Goats Milk Ricotta

 5 Easy Cheese Recipes

simple and interesting recipe for ricotta using goats milk from the Witches Kitchen.

Want to learn more about natural cheese making from scratch and after more easy cheese recipes? Check out Issue 11 of Pip Magazine.

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