Five Ways With Figs!

We asked, and you told us!

We’ve had an incredible response to our call out for our readers favourite ways to use up a glut of fragrant figs! Here are our five faves (plus some honourable mentions…)

1. Fig jam


An indisputable classic – this was far and away the most common response to our pleas for ideas, but we were thrilled by suggestions of eating it on delicious goats cheese! We’re also digging this recipe from the aptly named blog Fig Jam & Lime Cordial.

2. Dried figs

It’s been so sunny in our corner of the world the last week we’ve given this a crack in extreme low-tech style. You could pop them in a solar dehydrator if you have one too. Delicious, intense fig flavour without the added sugar of jam.

3. Fig Grappa

Ok, this is pretty special, and we even got a recipe from one of our instagram followers: Take 2 empty wine bottles and shove 15 figs in each … Then fill to the neck of each bottle with Grappa Di Moscato .. Leave for at least 3 months or longer before drinking.

4. Share them at a produce swap


Take them along to a produce swap like – we think this suggestion might have been from those who don’t have a fig tree! 😉

5. Fig Cake

Of course – cake! Figs are so sweet they can be used in a delicious cake like this one that uses no (refined) sugar. What a treat!

Plus our honourable mentions…

  • Crystalised figs
  • Fig paste
  • Fig frangipane tart
  • Fresh off the tree
  • Fig, honey and yoghurt icey poles

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