How To Make Tomato Passata: Video Series

Here is our easy recipe to make tomato passata. This is a great way to preserve tomatoes so you can eat them when they are out of season. It’s also an excellent way to use up excess tomatoes that you have grown that you can’t eat fresh.

Welcome to the latest video in our Simple Skills For Self-Sufficiency Video Series. This time around we show you how to make delicious tomato sauce, known in Italy as “passata”.

Tomato passata is a thick, rich tomato sauce made with just tomatoes, salt and basil. You don’t strictly need any specialty equipment to make passata. But a passata machine will ensure you get a smooth sauce, without any seeds or skins.

In this video we explain how to prepare your tomatoes for saucing. As well as our tips for blending and bottling passata so that it will last you well into winter.

We also discuss the best types of tomatoes for making sauce. These include:

  • San Marzano
  • Roma
  • Napoli Paste
  • Donella’s Supreme

But if you don’t have any saucing tomatoes or a passata machine, never fear! You can still make passata with table tomatoes and a blender.

How To Save Tomato Seeds

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We’ve got loads of great content all about big red, juicy tomatoes!

In Issue #10 of Pip Magazine, we bring you a complete guide to tomato preservation, including:

  • What preserving equipment you will need.
  • What’s involved in the drying and bottling process.
  • Different passata recipes including classic, rogue, herbed and tomato smash passata recipes.
  • Plus, how to make tomato paste, thick sauce, relishes, pickles and ferments.

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In Issue #12 of Pip Magazine, Milkwood’s Kirsten Bradley provides an in-depth guide to choosing which tomatoes are the best for your needs, including information on: 

  • The difference between heritage and hybrid.
  • The difference between determinate versus indeterminate tomatoes.
  • How to choose the best tomatoes for your situation when it comes to the space you’re working with, how much heat and light your growing area needs, and whether you should opt for bush tomatoes or climbing.
  • Plus, we also provide an in-depth table which outlines each of the names, types and groupings of key tomato varieties, what they look like, and what they are/are not good for. 

You can access this article online here as part of our digital subscription offering. 

Growing tomatoes

In Issue #27 of Pip Magazine, we explore the histryof ‘tomato day’, ‘sauce day’ or ‘passata day’ – whatever you’d like to call it – and how it’s a day for reconnecting with all generations for the annual passata-making tradition.

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