Fermented Low-Alcohol Drinks Recipes

Interested in swapping out your regular glass of wine for healthier alternatives? These fermented low-alcohol drinks will do the trick!

Homemade fermented low-alcohol drinks are a delicious and popular alternative to alcoholic beverages. And in this highly sanitised world we’ve found ourselves in, they’ve probably never been more important.

Low-alcohol alternatives are popping up all over the beverage market these days as people take a growing interest in healthier living and consider the alcohol content of the drinks they’re consuming and their drinking habits.

According to data from consumer analytics firm IRI, there’s been a 33 percent increase in the sales of low- and non-alcoholic drinks in Australia in the last 12 months, as people look at ways to reduce their alcohol intake.

Fermented Low-Alcohol Drinks Recipes
Our recipe for rhubarb champagne is a fun and creative way of using up that surplus rhubarb.

Health benefits of fermented low-alcohol drinks

Fermented drinks offer a wealth of health benefits far greater than just those associated with reducing alcohol consumption.

The health advantages of fermentation comes from the bacteria produced in the process, so in a time when so many of us are reaching for anti-bacterial products, it’s imperative we’re introducing plenty of good bacteria to keep our gut health and microbiome healthy and in balance.

fruit sodas
Mixed fruit sodas are way more enticing than boring old orange juice, grapefruit juice or sparkling water.

Want to know more about making fermented drinks?

In Issue #23 of Pip Magazine, our article on natural ferments includes a range of naturally fermented drinks you can bring to any party that are not only low or non-alcoholic, they’re very good for you and really easy to make yourself. We include recipes for:

  • Beetroot kvass;
  • Fruit & flower sodas;
  • And our favourite, rhubarb champagne!
  • We also show you how you can tailor the taste of your ferments to suit your liking.

You can access this article online here as part of our digital subscription offering, or subscribe to the print version of Pip Magazine here

making beetroot kvass
Low-proof drinks like beetroot kvass are better for your cardiovascular health than alcohol cocktails.

And if you’re a beer drinker, be sure to check out our recipe for non-alcoholic ginger beer here. It’s a far more refreshing drink than heavy alcohol beer and may just become your drink of choice!

Plus here are some other recipes you could try out:

Kombucha is another great fermented option to try.

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