Onion Skin Eggs: Making Natural Coloured Easter Eggs

Onion Skin Eggs: Making Natural Coloured Easter Eggs

Well, these decorative (and quite edible) Easter eggs are a real treat! Dyed with beautiful natural colours and designs these onion skin eggs are quite something. That said, I’m not sure how you would go convincing an older kid that they beat the chocolate kind. Luckily we have a child of the smaller variety in our home, so they make a perfect Easter hunt treat and table decoration in the lead up to the big weekend.

Let’s make onion skin eggs for Easter!

What you will need:

photo 1 copy

Step one:

Wet egg with water and decorate it with leaves, flowers and feathers (water helps decorations to stay in place for the next step…!)

onion skin egg

Step two:

Dunk onion skins in water to soften and wrap them around the decorated egg – using a mix of red and brown onion skins will give you lovely gradations of colour on your egg.

onion skin egg

Step three:

Once your egg is snug in a few layers of onion skins wrap thread tightly around it in multiple directions to secure…

onion skin egg  onion skin egg  onion skin egg

Step four:

Add wrapped eggs, any leftover onion skins and water to a pan. Bring to the boil and simmer eggs for 10 – 15 minutes. Remove them from the pot and let them cool. (Handy tip: You can save dyed water for any other crafty projects calling for onion dye).

onion skin eggs ready to boil   cooling onion skin eggs

Step five:

The moment of truth! Unwrap your eggs and peel away floral decorations to reveal each unique design. You can buff each egg with some olive oil on a scrap of fabric for extra shiny-power!

unwrapping an onion skin egg onion skin egg onion skin egg onion skin egg

Finished onion skin eggs can be squirrelled away for Easter Sunday morning, or you can use them as a table decoration in the lead up to Easter. An old ball of wool, hollowed out to make a nest, makes a beautiful basket for your finished onion skin eggs. Happy onion skin egg Easter Hunting!

onion skin egg basket


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