September at Pip HQ

The chooks are back on the lay
The chooks are back on the lay

Things just seem to going off here at the moment. I had the realisation that this is the first Spring we have had on the property that we haven’t been building the house, hence for once we are actually semi-organised and prepared.

Our cultures are growing
Our cultures are growing

Thanks to the greenhouse we have our seedlings happily growing away getting a good bit of growth happening with no fear of frost. (Although since planting these we had an attack of the killer slugs. Aaaah.)

photo 1
The seeds are sown

The aquaponics is absolutley pumping. I can’t believe how well it is all going.  It’s becoming like a jungle in there already.

20140831-Our Garden814-59
Late August

Mid September
Mid September

We got our fruit trees in the orchard last month, thanks to those that came and joined in the planting fun. They are now just showing the first signs of life as the leaves and tiny blossoms are starting to emerge.

Our Garden914-34

20140831-Our Garden814-21

We have some courses coming up too. I’m going to be team teaching a part time permaculture design course in Bega and surrounds and we will be teaching zone one and two at our place. Will Borowski will be running his fabulous mushroom cultivation workshop here too.  We’ve got a bit of work to do to get organised for that.


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