What To Do With Sprouting Garlic

Here are our top tips for getting your sprouting garlic to go a little further.

It’s that time of year again – the period when we find our garlic has all started to sprout, and we’re left with lots of green growth and not so much bulb. What to do? Well, lots of things! Here’s a few ideas for what to do with sprouting garlic…

What to do with shooting garlic

Preserve it

There are loads of great recipes out there for preserving garlic, but we love this one from My Darling Lemon Thyme.

Ferment it

Add some fire to your belly by popping garlic into your favourite ferments, like kimchi.

garlic bulbs

Paste it

Turning your garlic into a lovely paste that can be salted and popped in the fridge can be a great way to extend it’s shelf life a little longer. It’s a fair bit of work on the knife, but just think of all the time you’ll be saving when you’re cooking.

Eat it

Shooting garlic tastes like… well, garlic! So go ahead and use it as you would normally, green bits and all.

Plant it

July is a bit late for many areas, but if you get in a bit earlier in the year planting shooting garlic is a great use for it. Garlic can be planted from late March, and right though April and into May. 

What to do with shooting garlic

What to know more?

In Issue #7 of Pip Magazine, we reveal everything you need to know about how to plant garlic, including:

  • How to cure and store garlic.
  • Choosing the right varieties  to grow depending on your climate zone and needs.
  • A handy plant, harvest and storage chart..
  • Plus, methods for making confit, pickling and drying your garlic harvest.

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