Spiced Beetroot Pickle Recipe

Reap the health benefits of beetroot with this delicious spiced beetroot pickle recipe.

A brightly coloured root vegetable, beetroots (beta vulgaris) patch a nutritional punch, delivering a healthy dose of fibre, folate (vitamin B9), manganese, potassium, iron and vitamin C.

Some of the health benefits of beetroot include improving digestive health, lowering blood pressure and they may even contain anti-cancer properties. Reason enough for us to get more beets on your plate!

Spiced Beetroot Pickle Recipe

Part of the chard and spinach family, both the leaves and root can be eaten. Typically a rich purple colour, beets can also be white or golden.

Eaten raw, cooked or as a juice, personally we’re fans of this spiced beetroot pickle most of all!

Spiced Beetroot Pickle Recipe


  • 2kg beetroot, green stalks and leaves removed 1 teaspoon cloves
    Fresh ginger, the size of your thumb, sliced
    1 star anise
    1 teaspoon peppercorns
    3 cups ACV
    1 tablespoon salt
    125 g sugar (optional)



Sterilise jars.

Place beetroot in a saucepan of salty water to cover, and boil for about 45 minutes or until the skins slip off easily. Drain beetroot well, remove skins and slice to desired thickness. Or you can leave these vegetables whole if they are small.

Place the spices in a piece of cheesecloth and secure with a rubber band. Mix apple cider vinger, salt and sugar together and put into a medium-sized saucepan, along with the spice pouch. Simmer to allow the salt and sugar to dissolve.

Place beetroot in jars and cover with hot ACV mixture. Seal jars tightly, to exclude air. After the jars have cooled, store the pickled beetroot in the fridge.

The recipe can be easily doubled.

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