Top 5 Summer Pickling Ideas

Has your summer garden excess got you in a bit of a pickle? Here are five summer pickling ideas to help preserve your garden’s bounty.

Don’t let perfectly good produce go to waste over summer. When it comes to using up all that your vegie patch has produced, once you’ve consumed as much as possible fresh, swapped or given away to friends or family as much as you can, then it’s time to get summer pickling!

Here are five of our favourite summer pickling and preserving ideas…

1. Zucchini Piccalilli Pickles

Tasty and mild, these piccalilli pickles are a sweet, sour and savoury, all at the same time. Bonus: they use up 1kg of your zucchini excess (and the recipe is easily scalable by kilogram).

It’s official: we love zucchini piccalilli pickles! Jazz up a simple sandwich with our easy-to-follow recipe.

Full recipe here.

2. Nasturtium Pickles

Yummy, spicy “poor man’s” capers are a great way to limit the spread of nasturtiums in your garden and create something spectacular out of almost nothing.

Full recipe here.

3. Fermented Tomato Salsa

It’s summer so more than likely you have a bowl of ripe red tomatoes and chillies on your kitchen table. Why not get them together for a salsa?!

This is no ordinary salsa. This is a lacto-fermented, put-the-good-bacteria-back-in-your-gut type of tomato salsa. It takes no time at all, and you probably have all the ingredients at hand. Then you just need to throw them together in a jar and let the lactobacilli do the work.

Full recipe here.

4. Quick Cucumber Pickles

While these quick cucumber pickles don’t pack quite the nutritional punch as fermented pickles do, they’re just as delicious!

Salting overnight helps these cucumber pickles keep their crunch, making them extra delicious.

Full recipe here.

5. Easy Green Tomato Chutney

Easy Green Tomato Chutney Recipe

This is our super easy “use what you have” green tomato chutney recipe. This is a basic outline for what is needed in the recipe but feel free to experiment and replace ingredients with something similar that you have in the garden or the pantry.

Full recipe here.

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