7 Things To Love About Winter

As the seasons turn from autumn to winter, here are seven things to love about the colder months.

Many of us are fans of the summer months, with its hot sunny days, warm evenings and plenty of sunshine, and when winter starts to rear its head sometimes it can seem like the end of the good times. The end of t-shirts and bare feet, summer abundance in the garden, and long days and mild nights. 

But for me, by the end of summer I am starting to look forward to winter. Autumn slowly brings us into it and prepares us as the summer abundance slowly resides, winter veg start to come on and there’s mushrooms to forage in the forests. 

So as the seasons turn from autumn to winter, I wanted to share with you seven things I love about the colder months*.

1. Broccoli

Broccoli: in most climatic regions of Australia, winter is the time for planting broccoli. Home grown broccoli is next level to that which you buy in the supermarket and if you can’t grow it yourself, buy it fresh from a local grower and savour the flavour.

In most climatic regions of Australia, winter is the time for planting broccoli. Home grown broccoli is next level to that which you buy in the supermarket and if you can’t grow it yourself, buy it fresh from a local grower and savour the flavour. The trick with broccoli is always to plant way sooner than you think. If you wait until winter to plant it often doesn’t grow well and just stays at seedling size until the weather warms up. I always try and get mine in in Feb or March, that way it is big and fruiting the growth slows for winter.

2. Cold brisk walks

Rugging up and getting out into the cold and feeling the cool fresh air on your face makes you feel alive. Just because it is cold and/ or rainy don’t let that stop you going for a walk. It is invigorating to be out in the elements, feeling alive within nature. Then when you come home and get warm again, it feels so much more cosy.

These wild winter walks really help you connect with nature and the seasons. And you come home with a rosy glow.

3. Winter knits

Basic beanie pattern

I love making them and wearing them. My creations are pretty simple but the winter pastime of knitting is comforting on long winter evenings. For beginner knitters we have lots of great simple patterns for you to start with. This beanie pattern is super easy and you will be surprised how great it looks. We also havepatterns for cowls and gloves and info on doing some creative visible mending.

4. Citrus

How to grow citrus

Winter is when our citrus trees come alive and we’re picking up limes and lemons from the ground, the orange trees are producing and mandarins are sweet and juicy. When we have an abundance of citrus we juice them and freeze them and keep it for the months when we are low on citrus. We store these either in ice cubes which you can add to drinks or meals or just a jar of it that you can keep in the fridge and add when needed.

5. Fresh cabbages for fermenting


I love getting into making kimchi and sauerkraut in winter as the cabbages are fresh and the cooler temps make for good fermenting. I think a traditional Korean kimchi is my current favourite. And it is so good for you gut too. There are so many different types of fermenting that are easy to do and great for you.

6. Slow cooked meals and bone broths

How To Make Bone Broth

There’s nothing nicer than a slow cooked stew or bone broth served on a cold winter’s night with all its hearty goodness. There are so many benefits to making bone broth, and they extend further than the many health benefits. The flavour of homemade broth is far superior to any stock you can buy, it’s considerably less expensive and you’re using more parts of an animal that would otherwise be wasted.

Bones contain a long list of vitamins and minerals which are released when bones are broken down in the cooking process. This is why time is the important difference between making a flavoursome stock compared to a nutrient-dense broth.

7. Mushroom foraging

Pip Magazine mushroom growing workshop

The cooler weather means the flourishing of mushrooms that are ready for the picking and the celebration of all things mushroom

Speaking of mushrooms… We are celebrating the wonder of mushrooms here at Pip HQ in Pambula with our Mushroom Growing Course on June 23rd. We’d love you to come along!

* I know these things don’t relate to everyone as we all live in different climates and locations but see if you can come up with your own list of winter favs and send them in to hello@pipmagazine.com.au.

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