July Gardening Guide – Tropical Climate

July Gardening Guide – Tropical Climate

Picture of Mediterranean herbs in a Tropical Australian garden.
Image credit: Thomas Kriese

What to Plant in July?

  • Check the seeds in storage, the crisper is a safe place, and see what is needed for the upcoming summer.
  • The Mediterranean herbs love this weather so plant in full sun.
  • Plant Surinam spinach and Okinawa spinach in the shade of a north side fence.


  • Fertilise fruit trees with potash to improve fruiting and plant strength.
  • Keep cleaning up as plants die down and mark the areas.
  • If sweet leaf is getting too leggy prune it back to ground level. Cuttings can be planted ready for the next wet season.

Weeds, Pests, and Disease

  • The grasshoppers are a little slower in the morning so get out early to look for them. The chooks will love you.

Harvest and Preserve

  • Harvest the okra while tiny to add to salads.
  • Harvest peas and beans regularly to keep plants in active growth.
  • Tomatoes are becoming abundant so use daily and process in small quantities so that they don’t take over.
  • Soursop, bananas, pawpaw and pumpkin are currently being harvested.

Permaculture Principles #7: Design From Patterns to Detail

  • Social work and permaculture both acknowledge the necessity of orienting the client within their broader systems. These systems include environmental, community and family systems. This is recognition of the value of working from the broader pattern to the detail. This also recognises that a change in one aspect influences change in other parts of the system. The systems will work to bring parts back to where they were by exerting forces to maintain stasis.
  • Permaculture follows the patterns of nature and is successful when the pattern is respected within the individual designs.

– Kathleen Hosking, Solution Focused

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