Pip Podcast #2: Keeping quails with Kat Lavers

Pip Podcast #2 is all about quails! Our editor Robyn Rosenfeldt chats to Kat Lavers about the ins and outs of keeping quails.

In this podcast, Kat chats in-depth with Pip editor Robyn Rosenfeldt about her love for quails, and the ins and outs of keeping them in a backyard setting.

Kat Lavers is an awesome Melbourne-based permie, urban farmer, designer, educator and writer, as well as being quail-mum to a small flock of coturnix japonica.

In the podcast Kat outlines the benefits of keeping quail for those practising permaculture with limited space, as well as how these little birds measure up against chooks, pound for pound.

Pip issue 7 includes a feature on all things poultry, including a chook breed guide, natural chook health, raising meat chickens, plus our usual range of informative, inspiring and DIY articles. Grab your copy of the issue here.

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