Issue 16 Out Now!

Are you ready for another exciting issue? We fell in love with issue 16 when we first opened the box.

We have a new look front cover and loads of beautiful and informative articles. We think you will also love it. In this issue we look at ways to care for our planet in our everyday lives.

There’s an in-depth sustainable seafood buying guide, where we delve into the truth behind seafood and help you make sustainable choices when buying seafood.

issue 16 pip magazine

We look at ways to store carbon in your own backyard. Don’t wait for governments to take action (you might be waiting awhile). There are many ways that you can store carbon in your own gardens.

issue 16 - pip magazine

We look at native foods that you can grow and start including in your diet. These plants are native to Australia and therefore suited to our climate. Many of them have the nutrient values of superfoods and uniques flavours. Here’s our guide to some of the best of them.

We also explore different ways you can express your inner climate activist. It’s not all about holding placards and marching down the street. There are so many ways to do your bit for the climate. Did you know having a cup of tea with an elderly neighbour and caring for others is a form of activism? And it is especially important to have a deep connection with nature to develop that sense of love for the planet.

We have a beautiful in-depth article about the art of homemade pasta with gorgeous photos and delicious recipes.

We explore the idea of how having a more home-based lifestyle can actually be a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, because you have time to make your own food from scratch, water your veggies and teach your kids life skills.

And we look at the importance of taking time to look after yourself. So many of us spend so much time looking after others, working and being busy that we end up getting run down and possibly face burn out. To really be able to care for others and care for the planet we need to take the time to care for ourselves.

We explore macramé, a beautiful and sustainable straw-bale home, repair cafes and how to set up a drip irrigation system. There are also the regular profiles, seed saving tips, permaculture plants, gardening guides and our kid’s section.

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