Issue 21 Out Now!

Pip’s spring issue has landed! In Issue #21 we bring you ideas and inspiration that will help you nourish yourself and the planet. 

In the new issue of Pip, we bring you articles to help you enhance your wellbeing with local escapes, how to increase gut health by making your own milk kefir and how to introduce more native foods into your diet.

Explore our ultimate guide to growing food from seed, learn everything you need to know to grow peas in your patch and check out our seasonal garden guides for all climates. Enjoy this and all our regular articles on foraging, seed saving, reducing waste and our ethical product reviews in the new issue.

Here’s a snapshot of what you will find in Issue 21…

We bring you a guide to growing peas, showing you which varieties to choose, the best conditions to grow peas, when to sow, harvest and save seeds, as well as ward off pests and diseases. Plus we bring you a delicious spring pea soup recipe.

how to grow peas

We teach you the in’s and out’s of seed germination and provide a DIY seed raising mix recipe. Growing your own food from seed can be really empowering, but many people find it challenging, so we guide you every step of the way so you get it right! We also show you how to build your own seed raising box.

raising seeds

We explore native ingredients with Bruce Pascoe, Damien Coulthard and Rebecca Sullivan and feature the most amazing Sea Rosemary, Lime and Murray River Salt Anzac Biscuits recipe for you to try.

native foods

Feature a guide to making milk kefir, as well as explaining the many health benefits of this fermented food.

pip Magazin issue 21 milk kefir

We show you how to passively heat and cool your home using earthen floors, which are not only aesthetically beautiful, are also kind to the environment and delightful to walk on.

earthen floors pip magazine issue 21

And with many of us turning to local travel in the midst of border closures and curbed international flights, we extol the benefits of lowkey getaways that are easier on the planet and your wallet.

sustainable travel

We also show you how to put spent coffee grounds to good use, turning so-called waste into a useful and valuable resource around the home and in the garden.

If you are as keen as us to help pave the way for a more sustainable future, then subscribing to Pip will give you all the tools you need to do so – from learning to grow your own food to teaching you how to reduce your household waste.

Pip Magazine is now published four times per year and we’re excited to be sharing even more great content with you.

We’d love to share our advice, wisdom and message of earth conscious living with as many people as possible, so subscribe yourself to Pip (if you aren’t a subscriber already!), and subscribe friends and family too, and help create a positive future for all.

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