Issue 23 Out Now!

Our latest issue has just landed! Issue 23 is a goodie, packed full of insightful and instructive advice that will help you tread lighter on the planet. 

No matter how many issues of Pip we release, we still get a little buzz every time we send one out into the world. 

So much love and care (and let’s be real – blood, sweat and tears!), goes into creating each and every issue of Pip and being able to share them with you every three months is a joy. 

In the new issue of Pip we share with you what you need to know to become more self-sufficient and live a more earth friendly life.

We show you how to grow your own pantry staples like onions and garlic, leeks and chives, a simple home soil test to get the most out of your patch, a guide to natural building techniques, how to fully utilise your produce with root-to-tip eating, step-by-step instructions for making your own waste-free kitchen cloths, low-alcohol fermented drinks for better health and an exploration of modern rituals to get your 2022 off to a positive start.

We also introduce you to our Indigenous cover artist Cheryl Davison. Cheryl is a proud Walbunja and Ngarigo woman living on the far south coast of New South Wales. A woman of many talents, she’s an artist, a teacher, a singer, a festival creative director and she sits on the Gulaga National Park Board of Management that governs the direction of care for the sacred mountain that features in many of her artworks. 

We’d love to hear what you thought of the new cover so head on over to our Facebook Group and let us know.

Enjoy this and all our regular articles on foraging, seed saving, reducing waste and our ethical product reviews in Pip Magazine Issue 23. And don’t forget you can subscribe friends and family to Pip to give them all the skills they’ll need to live a more Earth friendly life. Subscribe friends and family to Pip Magazine here.

Here’s a snapshot of what you will find in Issue 23…

We reveal the health benefits of fermented drinks, how in this highly sanitised world we’ve found ourselves in, they’ve never been more important, and how making fermented drinks can help you use up excess produce from your garden. We also bring you recipes for beetroot kvass, fruit and flower sodas, and rhubarb champagne.

fermented drinks issue 23 pip magazine

Whether you’re planning a new build or renovating your existing house, you need to read this feature on the natural materials to use to ensure an efficient, beautiful and healthy home. 

natural building materials issue 23 pip magazine

We extoll the benefits of “root-to-tip” eating to help you cut back on your food waste in further.

root to tip eating issue 23 pip magazine

Reveal how home gardeners can better understand their soil’s health with the use of the Northern Rivers Soil Health Card.

testing your soil health

Create a thriving and productive mini ecosystem that supports your fruit tree by learning how to design a guild – a permaculture technique in which a group of plants are chosen to complement and support a central plant. 

design a permaculture  guild

We show you how to grow onions at home and which varieties you should opt for depending on your soil, sun and size capabilities.

how to grow onions

And also show you how to repurpose everyday household waste to make your own zero waste kitchen scrubbers.

zero waste kitchen scrubbers

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pip magazine issue 23

Plus, when you subscribe you’ll go into the draw to WIN Aussie-made F.D.Ryan garden tools worth $339.

Handmade using traditional techniques, there’s a seven-tine Broadfork, a Ho-mi for cultivation, a Pointed trowel for transplanting, a Circle hoe for weeding and a bonus Foraging trowel up for grabs! 

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