Issue 24 Out Now!

It’s here! Issue 24 is starting to wing its way to letterboxes and stockists’ shelves across the country as we speak. 

Given the cost-of-living pressures that many of us are experiencing right now, this issue is chock full of ways to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle and therefore spend less money. 

That’s actually one of the many upsides of growing your own food and making things yourself – when the cost of everyday items rise, you’re a little bit more protected. 

While not everyone has the space or time to grow your own food or make everything from scratch, there are plenty of other ways to save money that may be better suited to your lifestyle. 

Maybe it’s learning how to mend your old clothes, or keep bees to produce your own honey, or make compost to use as (free!) fertiliser on your garden. Adopting just some of these practices can make a huge difference to your household budget.

The new issue of Pip has plenty of other ways to live more self-sufficiently and keep your costs down, including the five staples that should be in every garden, delicious ways to use your preserved produce, how to build a berry patch, why we all need a garden diary and how to create one, the mental health benefits of growing your own food, putting worms to work for compost, filtration and removing heavy metals, and a guide on making natural inks.

Plus all our regular pieces on foraging, seed saving, Indigenous knowledge and reducing your impact on the planet.

Subscribe yourself (or friends and family) to Pip to give learn all the skills you’ll need to live a more earth friendly life. When you subscribe you’ll go into the draw to WIN a Bhumi quilt cover set and cable-knit throw worth $498!

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Here’s a snapshot of what you will find in Issue 24…

Winter is the perfect time to prepare your patch for that crop of summer berries you’ve always wanted. We show you how to build your own berry patch. 

how to build a berry path issue 24 pip magazine

So much more than a place to record your successes and failures in the garden, a diary can help you to connect with your patch, understand your environment and maximise your yield. Find out how to start one.

how to start a garden diary issue 24 pip magazine

We discover how for Tasmanian-born chef Sarah Glover, cooking over fire is as much about place and connection as it is about flavour. 

cooking with fire issue 24 pip magazine

All too often our preserves sit at the back of the pantry gathering dust. But using them is just as important as making sure your homegrown goodness doesn’t go to waste in the first place. We reveal how best to use up all your preserved produce.

using up your preserved produce issue 24 pip magazine

We take you inside a Blue Mountains home that was designed to integrate seamlessly with the outdoors and to hold a comfortable temperature all year round without the need for air conditioning. 

energy efficient house in the blue mountains

Science is starting to catch up with what gardeners already know – growing food and caring for a garden is hugely beneficial for the body, mind and spirit. We explore the mental health benefits of growing your own food.

mental health benefits of growing your own food

Most of us already know how effective worms are at turning kitchen waste into rich garden goodness. We examine the other ways they can help around the home. 

composting with worms

Seen by many as harmful feral animals, the humble camel has been put centrestage by a forward-thinking farmer at a regenerative dairy farm in Queensland. We meet the man who makes camel milk vodka.

meet the man who makes camel milk vodka

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