Pip Issue 11 is here!

We’re over the mooooo-oon! Pip Issue 11 has arrived and it’s another cracker, sure to get you inspired! Perfect for by-the-fire reading this issue features so much, including DIYs, gardening ideas, profiles and more!

Flip through here to take a peek…

In issue 11 of Pip magazine we have articles on natural cheesemaking, biodynamics and what’s involved in owning your own house cow, hence our beautiful cow on the cover. We also feature cob house building, permaculture design and natural burials. We show you how to build a wicking bed, live off your own produce, crochet some winter warming gloves and tackle your pest problems naturally. All of these stories and much more can be found within the pages of Pip issue 11, out in June 2018.


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