Pip Magazine issue 13 has landed.

In this issue of Pip Magazine we are exploring the exciting new possibilities that ebikes provide and give you all the info you need to decide if an ebike is for you. We look at ethical clothing and give you some tips about how to make ethical choices while dressing dapper.

We have great articles to help you grow your own food, including making a mushroom garden, growing carrots and our regular sections; permaculture plants and animals, eat your weeds, save your seeds and seasonal garden guide.

We discover an unusual retrofit in Melbourne, an inspiring permaculture designed property in Tasmania and share practical tips for projects at home.

We learn about some great food traditions and look at how we might incorporate these into our lives. And we dip into the world of honey and explore what makes quality honey.

We really enjoyed bringing these stories and more together for you from around the country and we hope you love them too.

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