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Pip Podcast #11: Jodie Vennitti

Here is Pip Permaculture Podcast number 11 for you, featuring Jodie Vennitti in conversation with Pip Editor Robyn Rosenfeldt!

What if you couldn’t eat any fruit or vegetables unless they came directly from your backyard? Could you live off your garden? For many of us this would be a real challenge, yet Jodie Vennitti decided to test it out.

A full interview with Jodie is in Pip Magazine Issue 11 – due to be in subscriber mailboxes mid to late June.

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Check out the YouTube

This beautifully shot, 7-minute YouTube docco might get you ready for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Get Inspired

Backyard self-sufficiency provides readers with detailed information on self-sufficient gardening.

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One Comment

  1. Good afternoon Jodi
    I was looking for your weather report but ended watching the documentary on you garden journey.
    I loved it, short but beautiful and very meaningful. It an inspirational.
    My journey with my garden start 2 years ago and I have so much to learn, I am taking baby steps.
    My dream to say I can live on what I grow in my garden for three month at the time, will be an achievement for me.
    I am sure I will get there.!!
    Thank you for such an inspirational movie.

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