Pip Podcast #10: Mariam Issa

Here is Pip Permaculture Podcast number 10 for you, featuring Mariam Issa in conversation with Pip Editor Robyn Rosenfeldt!

The podcast was recorded live at the 2018 Australian Permaculture Convergence.

This conversation with Mariam Issa will inspire you!

First of all Mariam shares her refugee journey fleeing war in Somalia and resettling in Australia. While the experience of fleeing war was traumatic, Mariam found settling in Australia to be trying too. Mariam shares her journey from despair to connection with her community in this conversation. Rather than just getting angry at the system Mariam has worked proactively to create community through her RAW project.

The project has included (probably most noteworthy for permies) a thriving garden. But it also includes a shared kitchen and meeting place where women from all walks of life come to share their stories.

Finally Mariam shares her conclusions that if we don’t heal women, we can’t heal society.

We hope you enjoy this inspiring conversation as much as we did!

To read Mariam’s interview in issue 10 that inspired this podcast, subscribe to Pip Permaculture Magazine. To find out more about Mariam, visit her website here or follow her on instagram @mariamissaofficial.

If you would like to read more about Mariam’s story, you can purchase her book, A Resilient Life available in the Pip shop. ⁣

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