The Diggers Club believes the humble gardener can be the secret weapon in combating climate change. 

The Diggers Club was founded in 1978 by Clive and Penny Blazey and sustainability has always been at the core of everything they do. Whether this has been in championing heirloom vegetable and flowers seeds in the face of corporatisation, planting water-saving gardens, or preserving historic houses and gardens such as Heronswood (circa 1857) and The Garden of St Erth (circa 1854), Diggers has always been much more than a typical garden company.

Diggers is a business and now a Foundation around preservation and heirloom seeds. Read More

Morag Gamble global permaculture ambassador and founder of the at the Permaculture Education Institute

Teaching permaculture teachers around the world. Courses, masterclasses, free workshops & more to help weave permaculture thinking and practice into your life — personally and professionally.

Morag is a regular contributor to Pip Magazine and shares her experiences on her blog, Our Permaculture Life.

To read more about Morag Gamble, you can visit her website here or her YouTube channel. Morag also runs Ethos Foundation, a registered permaculture charity aiming to grow permaculture education.

Aussie Gardener

Aussie Gardener™ is the progression from selling just the Power Planter to now selling a whole range of ‘Great Gear for Greenthumbs’  all with one thing in common. They only sell things that actually do what it says on the box and won’t be throwaway items. 
Everything is rigorously tested both by Brian’s team but also by a select group of Aussie Gardener customers. 

Check out Aussie Gardener

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