Pip Podcast #25: Slow flowers

Welcome to Pip Permaculture Podcast #25 on slow flowers.

The slow flower movement is a growing one, and we chat with Tara Luca from Olive Gap Organic Farm to find out more. Tara is sustainable flower grower and slow flowers advocate from the Northern Rivers of NSW.

In this podcast Tara explains the environmental issues in the conventional flower growing industry and shares how we can all make better bloom choices, without forgoing the beauty of flowers. Tara talks about her love of flowers, and the importance they can have in everyday life. She also gives some great sustainable flower growing tips if you’re keen to try growing your own.

Home based life

Tara also gives us a glimpse into her family’s inspiring rural home-based life in the podcast. Tara homeschools her kids, is involved in community living and shares a tea tree growing operation with her extended family. Slow flowers are just a part of her plan to get her family working “on farm” and living in harmony with the land.

To find out more about Tara and her farm visit www.olivegapfarm.com. We also highly recommend looking at this cute little video her family made about their life!

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