Pip Podcast #34: Tim Flannery

It’s Pip Podcast time and this week we speak with Climate Council chief, scientist, conservationist, Australian of the Year and one of the country’s leading writers on climate change, Tim Flannery.

In this podcast, Tim discusses where we stand in the fight against climate change and where the future is really heading based on current actions, attitudes and trends.

Tim believes that it’s important to keep doing what we’re doing in our personal lives when it comes to living more sustainably, but that the most important thing that needs addressing is political change.

Tim Flannery shares his ideas around what we can do to help create the momentum around changing the current political policies.

Since we recorded this podcast, the NSW government has committed to a 20-year electricity infrastructure roadmap, which will see the government award long-term contracts for three different types of technology – wind and solar farms to be built in three regional renewable energy zones, pumped hydro and battery long-duration storage, and fast-start “firming” generation that ensures grid stability.

We look forward to seeing the other states follow suit!

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