Pip Podcast #36: Cheryl Davison

Welcome to another Pip Podcast! Today we speak to visual artist, business owner, creative director and proud Walbunga and Ngarigo woman, Cheryl Davison.

As an artist, a teacher, a singer and, a festival creative director, Cheryl Davison is creating and maintaining beautiful and important cultural connections.

A proud Walbunga and Ngarigo woman, Cheryl is an artist who expresses her creativity and connection to Country in many forms.

Best known for her prints and paintings, Cheryl’s work has hung in the Art Gallery of New South Wales, is part of the National Museum of Australia’s permanent collection, is also the Aboriginal Creative Director with Four Winds Festivals and has recently opened Mungala Bugaali Gallery in Central Tilba, NSW, where as well as selling her own artwork and products, she sells the wares of other local artists and producers.

In the Pip Podcast, Cheryl shares with us her journey of becoming an artist. She reveals how her art plays a far more important role than simply being an outlet for her creativity, in that it’s an important meeting point for Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultures, and a really useful tool with which to build long-overdue awareness and to help develop deep respect of the oldest culture on earth.

Cheryl also displays her other artistic talent by performing a song for us. As Cheryl says, “I know that through singing and what we do and learning our culture and our language again, it heals us. And when we sing to Country, we heal Country and when we heal Country, we heal people because without healthy Country we don’t have healthy people.”.

We hope you enjoy our discussion with Cheryl Davison.

You can read more about Cheryl’s story in Issue #23 of Pip Magazine. You can access this article online here as part of our digital subscription offering, or subscribe to the print version of Pip Magazine here. Cheryl also provided the beautiful cover illustrations for this issue.

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