August Gardening Guide

Apricot blossom

August Gardening Guide – Mediterranean Climate

August Gardening Guide – Mediterranean Climate Image credit: Wikipedia Commons Soil Care We’ve had a very cold July with reasonable rainfall. That’s great for those fruit trees that need sufficient winter chill to set fruit, but a little challenging for the poor subtropicals that don’t like cold wet feet. Especially in areas with alkaline soil, the citrus… View more

snow in the garden in tasmania

August Gardening Guide – Cool Climate

August Gardening Guide – Cool Climate What to Plant in August?  Potatoes, peas, broad beans, Jerusalem artichokes, rhubarb divisions, chive divisions, oca (a tuberous oxalis relative that grows like a potato). And all the leafy greens: lettuce, rocket, Asian greens, celery and English spinach. In raised beds and warm spots start with succession sowings of carrot and… View more

August Gardening Guide – Tropical Climate

August Gardening Guide – Tropical Climate What to Plant in August? Still time to plant the last crop of lettuce, endive, Chinese cabbage and other fast growing greens. Radishes and carrots still have time to crop before the weather heats up. Check your seed supplies and order what is needed. Now is the time to order… View more

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