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Designing a Fruit Tree Guild

Designing a Fruit Tree Guild 

Create a thriving and productive mini ecosystem that supports your fruit tree by designing a fruit tree guild – a permaculture technique in which a group of plants are chosen to complement and support a central plant. 
Pruning citrus orange

Pruning Citrus

Pruning citrus can often have folks bamboozled, as they’re often either full of fruit or blossoms.  Simon Marshall, landscape designer, permie and pruner to the stars gives us the basics on how, when and why you might think about pruning citrus trees.

November Update and Easy Compost Ideas

I am so excited by my garden at the moment. Our berries are doing tag teams supplying us with juicy nutritious snacks; first it was the strawberries in the aquaponics, now it’s the mulberries from our smallish yet abundant tree and next it will rasberries, which are just showing the first blushes of colour.  … View more

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