Apple Tree Pruning

apple tree pruning

Winter is a great time to prune certain fruit trees and apples especially quite fancy a winter prune. We show you how to get your seasonal apple tree pruning underway.

Pruning Citrus

Pruning citrus orange

Pruning citrus can often have folks bamboozled, as they’re often either full of fruit or blossoms.  Simon Marshall, landscape designer, permie and pruner to the stars gives us the basics on how, when and why you might think about pruning citrus trees.

Low Tech DIY Seed Sprouter

DIY seed sprouter
Don't spend a fortune on new-fangled sprouting gadgets... create your own DIY seed sprouter instead! When the summer heat burns our lettuces, we like to keep things fresh in the salad department with home grown sprouts! There are plenty of new-fangled sprout gadgets on the market for the aspiring seed sprouter but the humble DIY... View more