June Gardening Guide

Radish ready to harvest in Tasmania

June Gardening Guide – Cool Climate

June Gardening Guide – Cool Climate (Image Credit: Wikipedia) What to Plant in June?  As we approach the shortest day, our focus for planting in the garden shifts from annual vegies to perennials. Rhubarb, asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, globe artichokes, chives, garlic chives, horseradish, potato onions and shallots can all be lifted, divided and replanted in the… View more

Ripe Mandarins in Adelaide, South Australia

June Gardening Guide – Mediterranean Climate

June Gardening Guide – Mediterranean Climate (Image Credit: Paul Goodsell) Adelaide is cooling down now after what seemed a brief autumn, and the outlook suggests we’re likely to have a wet winter. After that though, we appear to be leading into the El Nino pattern of a hot dry spring and summer. All this means that… View more

Sweet potato harvest in June in tropical Australia

June Gardening Guide – Tropical Climate

June Gardening Guide – Tropical Climate (Image credit: Steele Plant Company) What to Plant in June? • There is still time to plant the European style vegetables and be able to harvest them, before the fierce heat and heavy rain of the wet season. • Peruse seed catalogues and plan for next wet season. Maintenance… View more

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