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September Gardening Guide – Cool Climate

 September Gardening Guide – Cool Climate What to Plant in September? Loads of leafy greens and roots like carrots, parsnip, beetroot, turnips and swedes can all be sown now. Also celery and silverbeet (or rainbow chard – pretty!) seedlings, brassicas like broccoli and cabbage, leeks, and the ubiquitous spring onions and radish. Peas and broad beans… View more

August Gardening Guide – Mediterranean Climate

Apricot blossom

August Gardening Guide – Mediterranean Climate Image credit: Wikipedia Commons Soil Care We’ve had a very cold July with reasonable rainfall. That’s great for those fruit trees that need sufficient winter chill to set fruit, but a little challenging for the poor subtropicals that don’t like cold wet feet. Especially in areas with alkaline soil, the citrus… View more

August Gardening Guide – Cool Climate

snow in the garden in tasmania

August Gardening Guide – Cool Climate What to Plant in August?  Potatoes, peas, broad beans, Jerusalem artichokes, rhubarb divisions, chive divisions, oca (a tuberous oxalis relative that grows like a potato). And all the leafy greens: lettuce, rocket, Asian greens, celery and English spinach. In raised beds and warm spots start with succession sowings of carrot and… View more

August Gardening Guide – Tropical Climate

August Gardening Guide – Tropical Climate What to Plant in August? Still time to plant the last crop of lettuce, endive, Chinese cabbage and other fast growing greens. Radishes and carrots still have time to crop before the weather heats up. Check your seed supplies and order what is needed. Now is the time to order… View more

July Gardening Guide – Cool Climate

July Gardening Guide – Cool Climate What to Plant in July?  Its cold, really cold, and frosty this month, even though we’ve passed the midwinter shortest day. Amazing how things still grow (even weeds like chickweed) and thrive in these conditions. Brassicas and parsnips get sweeter after a good frost as some of their starches get converted… View more

July Gardening Guide – Mediterranean Climate

July Gardening Guide – Mediterranean Climate Cold soil now means slower vegetable growth. Most deciduous trees are now dormant and leafless, ready for winter pruning, planting or transplanting. In frost-prone areas, it’s time to take a break from planting out and instead peruse the seed and plant catalogues with spring in mind. If you have a sheltered… View more

July Gardening Guide – Tropical Climate

Picture of Mediterranean herbs in a Tropical Australian garden.

July Gardening Guide – Tropical Climate What to Plant in July? Check the seeds in storage, the crisper is a safe place, and see what is needed for the upcoming summer. The Mediterranean herbs love this weather so plant in full sun. Plant Surinam spinach and Okinawa spinach in the shade of a north side fence…. View more

June Gardening Guide – Cool Climate

Radish ready to harvest in Tasmania

June Gardening Guide – Cool Climate (Image Credit: Wikipedia) What to Plant in June?  As we approach the shortest day, our focus for planting in the garden shifts from annual vegies to perennials. Rhubarb, asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, globe artichokes, chives, garlic chives, horseradish, potato onions and shallots can all be lifted, divided and replanted in the… View more

June Gardening Guide – Mediterranean Climate

Ripe Mandarins in Adelaide, South Australia

June Gardening Guide – Mediterranean Climate (Image Credit: Paul Goodsell) Adelaide is cooling down now after what seemed a brief autumn, and the outlook suggests we’re likely to have a wet winter. After that though, we appear to be leading into the El Nino pattern of a hot dry spring and summer. All this means that… View more

June Gardening Guide – Tropical Climate

Sweet potato harvest in June in tropical Australia

June Gardening Guide – Tropical Climate (Image credit: Steele Plant Company) What to Plant in June? • There is still time to plant the European style vegetables and be able to harvest them, before the fierce heat and heavy rain of the wet season. • Peruse seed catalogues and plan for next wet season. Maintenance… View more

May Gardening Guide – Mediterranean Climate

mushroom permaculture

May Garden Guide Mediterranean Climate (Cover image credit: Travel Diary – Alex L.) We must have had proper rain in Adelaide at last – the soursobs are up! So are the sweet peas (and all the others, tall and short: snowpeas, telephone peas, dwarf peas and sugarsnap peas). Mushrooms and toadstools are appearing, as the multitude of… View more

May Gardening Guide – Tropical Climate

tatsoi permaculture

May Garden Guide Tropical Climate (Cover image credit: The Raw Food World) What to Plant in May? There is still time to plant all the Asian greens including the mustard leaves like komatsuna, , Chinese cabbage, basil, beans of all sorts except those that require really cold weather like broad beans, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, capsicum and chilli,… View more