Jumbleberry Pie Recipe

Jumbleberry Pie
After a morning bike ride collecting blackberries with the kids I was inspired to bake a berry pie. So I went through my archives and found this super yummy jumbleberry pie recipe that baker extraordinaire and pastry chef Nelleke Gorton taught me how to bake. Real crust, fresh local berries... beautiful.

Apple Roly Poly Recipe

Apple roly poly recipe
Whether you enjoy apples on their own, use them to make our famous apple scrap vinegar, or firm favourites like apple pie, apple crumble or apple strudel, we think this simple apple roly poly recipe takes the…cake?!

Roast Pumpkin & Goat Feta Tart Recipe

Roast Pumpkin & Goat Feta Tart Recipe

Roast pumpkin and goat feta go together like tea and biscuits – that is to say, perfectly! Here’s our delicious recipe for a pumpkin and goat feta tart that perfectly marries the two. A fast-growing annual vine producing abundant leaf-mass…

How To Dehydrate Fruit

How to dehydrate fruit

With summer comes a bounty of fruit. Want a relatively easy and effective way to make the most of the season’s generous gifts? Dehydrate fruit!

Easy Ginger Beer Recipe

Easy ginger beer recipe

When it comes to fermented drinks, most people think kombucha or water kefir, but good old-fashioned easy ginger beer can be just as beneficial for gut health.