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Pip partners with brands which align with its values of earth care, people care and fair share. Ethical companies producing good quality products that don’t harm the planet, instead aim to improve it.

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Meet Subpod: the in-ground compost system, worm farm, and self-fertilising garden bed. No smells, pests, or stress—unlike traditional composting. It’s composting made easy and enjoyable. The beautiful compost system that solves every common compost problem you’ve ever experienced! (Affiliate)

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Whether it’s a uniquely designed BBQ to socialise around, a custom centre piece for your backyard to marvel at or you wish to maximise your backyards potential during the cool summer evenings – Unique Fire Pits can make your dreams a reality.

Get a free accessory with every fire purchased.


Pure Blue Essentials is about a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy home. High quality, eco-friendly products include magnesium rubs, heat packs, organic cotton wash cloths, jojoba oil, essential oils, banskia-pod essential oil diffusers and bottles. Value packs and gift hampers available too.

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Get outdoors in nature with family and create your own sustainable ecosystem with our online organic seedlings and seed kits. Grown with love by Jordan Sly at Wormticklers, seedlings are grown using permaculture principles and help to encourage biodiversity and soil health, whilst providing you with delicious harvests year after year. Join the movement towards a greener future and secure your box online today. Use PIPMAG10 for 10% off all orders.        


BioGuano+ isn’t just a fertiliser – it’s a unique blend of mineralised seabird guano providing a soil conditioner and fertiliser all in one. This organic source of phosphorus and calcium spurs vigorous growth, bolsters your plant’s immune system, and augments soil health. BioGuano+ supports optimum photosynthesis that plants need every day, vital for plants to stay resilient and healthy through their growth, flowering, and fruiting stages. 



Catalyst Soil Booster Concentrate is a fermented fertiliser containing a balanced formulation of beneficial microbes and more than 80 essential minerals so that passionate gardeners, professional growers, and farmers can achieve first-rate results in soil health, plant nutrition and yields.

Call us on (02) 4842 8182.

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Urban Revolution is a unique Eco & Garden store based on Permaculture ethics. Our team of Permies thrive on educating people to build soil, grow food, compost, and use products that put the Earth first. See our high-quality metal garden tools and watering cans, open-pollinated seeds, and diverse useful gifts. Use PIPMAG for 10% off.


Business is stressful, harder when your passion is plants, not spreadsheets. Evertrue Solutions provides 1:1 coaching, business reviews, showing how to “Permaculture Your Business”.

You get confidence to run your business, peace from being aligned with values. You can promote permaculture, AND make a living, from doing what you love. Would you like to take your small business to the next level?

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Stride is the home of sustainable fashion + skincare with over 100 Australian brands! Discover options for women, men, kids, and non-binary folk.

We audit every brand and offer FREE shipping on all Australian orders. Shop your values today.

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Solidteknics is proudly Australia’s only 100% owned and made production cookware manufacturer. Their induction friendly cookware is free from synthetic, toxic coatings and comes with a multi-century warranty. Better for your health, better for the planet. Buy once and cook forever. 

Spend $99 or more and receive a FREE Lil Flippa worth $39.95. To redeem, use code ‘pip’ at checkout.


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