Pip Podcast #39 Rod Angelo runs a market garden. Known as The Happy Farmer

Pip Podcast #39: Rod Angelo

In Pid Podcast #39, we talk to Rod Angelo (aka The Happy Farmer), about making his business viable by turning waste streams into inputs that would otherwise have cost money.
Nick rose sustain

Pip Podcast #37: Nick Rose

In the latest Pip Podcast, Dr Nick Rose, the Executive Director of Sustain, reveals how we can create stronger food systems in the face of climate change, natural disasters, pandemics and the rising cost of living.
Cheryl Davison

Pip Podcast #36: Cheryl Davison

Today we speak to visual artist, business owner, creative director and proud Walbunga and Ngarigo woman, Cheryl Davison.As an artist, a teacher, a singer and, a festival creative director, Cheryl Davison is creating and maintaining beautiful and important cultural connections.
Morag Gamble

Pip Podcast #24: Morag Gamble

In Pip podcast #24, we chat with Morag Gamble about what makes a permaculture life. Morag has been involved in permaculture her whole life and lives the permaculture ethics in all aspects of her being. Morag shares her unique insights about what permaculture has to offer in the face of climate change.

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