Pip Podcast #27: Natalie Isaacs

Welcome to our latest Pip Podcast! We’re up to our 27th podcast, and in this episode Robyn chats with Natalie Isaacs – inspirational woman and founder of One Million Women.

Natalie Isaacs began her career as a cosmetics manufacturer with a love of nature. But in 2006 her world took a big turn. Realising what climate change meant for our world, Natalie was inspired to change her life. And, she founded a movement to inspire others to do the same.

In this podcast Natalie explains the path she took from the world of business to founding a not-for-profit movement. Her organisation One Million Women aims to empower women to take action against climate change.

Empowering women

In the podcast Natalie shares her journey from climate bystander to leading this movement of nearly 1 million women. She talks about the importance of empowering women to make sustainable changes at home. Women, on average, control a large part of the household budget. So Natalie chose to focus her efforts on getting women on board to help save the earth.

Small and slow solutions

As a result of lowering her power bills, Natalie began to realise the impact she could have on the environment as an individual. In the podcast she talks about the importance of taking small steps to gradually change the way you live. On the other hand she discusses how important it is for big picture change to happen. As well as change at the community level.

Loving earth

Natalie shares her wisdom on staying positive in the face of the climate crisis. She talks with Robyn about the importance of loving earth and enjoying the experience of treading lightly on the planet. She talks eloquently about the freedom of living with less possesions.

To find out more about Natalie’s work or connect with the One Million Women movement visit www.1millionwomen.com.au

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