Looking to learn more about sustainable living and permaculture? Maybe you would like to expand your knowledge on natural building, beekeeping, fermenting, and organic gardening too? Here are some upcoming courses.

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Permaculture Gardening

Online Course

A comprehensive online permaculture gardening course with 9 modules to help you create a thriving edible garden with ease. A course enjoyed by students around the world to start growing way more food than they thought possible.

Topics include create superb soils, make your garden, grow abundant food, create a food forest bounty, the superfood garden, the medicinal garden, the beauty garden, the tea garden, cooking a garden feast.

Start online anytime.

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Cert IV Permaculture Pip Magazine

Permaculture Educators Program

Do you dream of making a real living through permaculture?

 Are you ready to make permaculture both your lifestyle and your livelihood?

Join the online Permaculture Educators Program with Morag Gamble at Permaculture Education Insitute— the ONLY place you can earn internationally-recognised design and teaching certificates, at the same time.

You’ll be designing and teaching permaculture workshops even before completing your studies!

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Byron Center for Permaculture: AHC33816 – Certificate III in Permaculture

Keen to know more about Permaculture?  Make like-minded friends in this highly practical course as you develop the skills to help make lives, homes and communities more sustainable. Be inspired by natural ecosystems, holistic philosophy, integrating organic farming, animal systems, natural building, food preservation, systems thinking, community development and more. You will divide your time between the classroom and our specially designed outdoor site at the Mullumbimby Community Gardens for valuable hands-on experience.

*Fee Free places available if eligible, this training is subsidised by the NSW Government.

This course is run through Byron Community College Inc RTO: 90013

14 Feb – 15 Nov 2023 l 9 am – 3:30 pm

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Cert IV Permaculture Pip Magazine

Byron Center for Permaculture: AHC42116 -Certificate IV in Permaculture 

Come on the journey to grow your permaculture know-how right in the green heart of Northern NSW! Permaculture is a richly rewarding career, where you can immerse yourself in sustainable living and organic farming practices. It can provide you with opportunities to work in community development locally and internationally, aid projects, integrated food production or design for sustainable living. This nationally recognised qualification aims to expand your existing knowledge of permaculture principles and delve deeper into research, planning and design.

*Fee Free places available if eligible, this training is subsidised by the NSW Government.

Tue & Wed, 14 Feb – 13 Dec l 8:30 am – 3 pm

This course is run through Byron Community College Inc RTO: 90013

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Permaculture Design Course (PDC)

Follow your passion and immerse yourself in this Modular Permaculture Design Course held in the Beautiful Byron Shire. In this hands-on course you will discover how Permaculture principles can develop resilient systems, contributing to environmental, social and personal well-being.

You will learn how to design, build and maintain abundantly productive food gardens within sustainable human settlements and be shown how to work with an appreciation and understanding of nature’s patterns and cycles. There is an additional focus upon practical activities in the garden including no-dig gardening, seed saving, plant propagation, food forestry, Hugelkultur, tree maintenance, animal care, composting and more…

Fri 11 Aug – Sun 26 Nov 2023

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Cert IV Permaculture Pip Magazine

Introduction To Permaculture Design – PDC

The fundamentals of Permaculture design theory and practice. Explore how the elements of nature – earth, water, air and fire – define the unique conditions and opportunities of any site. Learn how to analyse and map these powerful forces to support you to work with, rather than against them to achieve your lifestyle and production goals.

This course module is one of 14 which make up the internationally renowned Permaculture Design Course (PDC).

Sunday 13 August, 2023

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The Food Forest – Permaculture Design Course (PDC) with David Holmgren & the Brookmans

Join us for internationally-recognised permaculture training that will help you design sustainable, abundant homes, businesses, professions and communities.

This 10 day intensive design course, taught at The Food Forest will present you with an opportunity to consider your life in a new light and give you increased confidence and many skills needed to design a sustainable and meaningful place for your future.
David Holmgren will present during the first teaching block to lay the foundation.

April – May, 2024 – The Food Forest, SA

Find out more at The Food Forest

Cert IV Permaculture Pip Magazine

The Food Forest, SA

Open Day & One Day Workshop

Open Day: Sunday 10 Sept, am & pm sessions. April 2024 tbc
Permaculture Talk & Property Walk: Morning: 10am-1pm. Afternoon: 2pm-5pm
Booking is required via Humanitix.

One-Day Workshops in Oct
Organic vegetables and Free-range poultry: 14 October
Introduction to Permaculture: 15 October
Booking is required via Humanitix

Farm tours available by appointment

For more details check out Food Forest

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