How to Make Sourdough Starter: Video Series

Sourdough starter is the foundation for sourdough bread. In this video we explain the benefits of sourdough bread and share a simple recipe to start your own.

Using just flour and water you can start your sourdough bread journey today. Sourdough starters are made with just these two ingredients and the wild yeasts in the air. Over a week or two your sourdough starter needs to be fed daily and eventually will begin to ferment. Once fermented it’s ready to use.

In this video we show you exactly what your sourdough starter should look like once it’s ready to use. We also share some of the common issues you might have when building your own starter. But never fear: making bread is really very easy. It just takes some time and patience.

Why sourdough?

In the video we also explain the benefits of sourdough for your gut health. We break down the process by which sourdough renders grains more digestible. If conventional bread irritates your gut, sourdough bread might just be for you.

Once you get your starter going there are lots of things you can make – it’s not just bread. Try our sourdough crackers or sourdough crumpets recipes for free. If you’re ready to dive right in to the world of sourdough then explore Issue 15 of the magazine.

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