How To Make Weed Tea Fertiliser

How To Make Weed Tea Fertiliser

Turning your weeds into tea gets rid of them for good while producing an inexpensive and nutritious fertiliser for your garden.  Pulling weeds out of your garden is one thing, but disposing of them once out of the soil in…

How To Trellis Tomatoes

How to trellis tomatoes
There are so many variables when it comes to working out the best technique for how to trellis tomatoes. We can learn a lot from people who grow them for a living. 

Jumbleberry Pie Recipe

Jumbleberry Pie
After a morning bike ride collecting blackberries with the kids I was inspired to bake a berry pie. So I went through my archives and found this super yummy jumbleberry pie recipe that baker extraordinaire and pastry chef Nelleke Gorton taught me how to bake. Real crust, fresh local berries... beautiful.

What Kind of Tomatoes Should I Grow?

What Kind of Tomatoes Should I Grow?

We help you choose the best kind of tomatoes to grow based on for your situation – whether that’s home garden, balcony or farm. When it comes to growing tomatoes, there are so many varieties to choose from and it can…

How To Grow Citrus

How to grow citrus

From the ubiquitous lemon tree in the corner through to a kumquat in a pot on the balcony, citrus has so much to offer home gardeners. We show you how to grow citrus at home.